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Explains how Integrative Medicine & Quantum Medical Hypnosis works for anxiety, weight loss, trauma, autoimmune system, and many other conditions. Click here to learn more

Dr. Moghazy is one of only a handful of professionals in the world that has the expertise and experience to integrate a variety of healthcare disciplines together, including:

  • Doctor of Integrative Medicine

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist / Handwriting Analyst 

  • Mind Mapping Instructor 

  • Native American Medicine Instructor

  • The Sound of Medicine Founder

  • Former Physical Therapist / CT6 Kinesio Tapping Instructor

  • Reiki Master Teacher since 1999

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- holistic medicine practitioner - hypnotherapy service provider - reiki therapist - Past Life Regression - healing certification courses

Dr. Moghazy practicing and teaching:

1- Quantum Medical Hypnosis™

2- The Sound of Medicine Certification™

3- Reiki Natural Healing

4- Handwriting Analysis

5- Quantum Life Regression Therapy

6- Cherokee Body Work

Dr. Ezzat Moghazy is a Doctor of Integrative Medicine coming from the corporeal world of Physical Therapy. However, he now works in areas of the mind: Clinical Hypnology, Weight Management, Mind Mapping Reiki, and The Sound of Medicine. Ezzat employs cutting-edge technology: Heart Rate Variability (HRV-Biofeedback) to measure and empower the unconscious mind.  His goal is to help his patients discover the root of their concerns and create long-lasting, effective change. Through Quantum Medical Hypnosis (a technique developed by Ezzat), Handwriting Analysis, and Energy Medicine Ezzat facilitates a complete mind map of the roots of your concerns. Ezzat focuses on the individual - addressing concerns that lead to immediate focus, clarity, and the best solutions to guide each patient toward their goals and dreamsHypnotherapy near me for anxiety, Reiki Certification, Drumming training, spiritual coach