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#950 Successful Story

I would like to share with you this successful Story from my practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Denver Colorado - Because of patient’s privacy protection I can’t share the real name or the identity of my clients. This material has been created after several years of experience and practice from a variety of clients. The purpose of this material is education not a treatment plan for any concerns. If you have a serious medical condition please consult with your doctor. Successful Story Presenting Issues: Limiting belief about self, self-love, deserving Feelings: disconnection, fear, PTSD, sick in the stomach, old abusive relationship Describes herself as: Lovely, positive, I don’t g

What Happens in My Trance? 3 Important Facts You Need To Learn

I am a Professional listener and in the initial assessment I build with my clients the foundation of their treatment plan after we discover the roots of their concerns, It is one-hour visit. I also apply several Hypno-Diagnostic tools for example the "NLP", "Suggestibility Test" and “Handwriting Analysis “. Then, we do the first session "Induction Technique" "Ericsonian Hypnotherapy" "Kappasanian Hypnotherapy". In the following sessions if need it, I work with my clients step by step towards achieving their preset-up goals. At the end of the treatment program we accomplish the 100% success rate. My clients follow up with me on a weekly basis and I am always available for them either on the

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Receive a FREE 5 minutes self-hypnosis exercise, I promise I will not bother you with tons of email. you can cancel or unsubscribe at anytime. I am looking forward to connect with you and share with you a very useful and valuable information about hypnotherapy and how it can be effective in your daily life. Sincerely, Ezy

9 Misconceptions of Hypnosis

Dr. Milton Erickson and the therapeutic relationship | Seaview Hypnotherapy with Rachel Gillibrand at Weston-super-Mare Extracted from Dr.

Hypnosis for Cancer Care

Will I be able to wake up afterwards? I want to make sure I will be awake enough to talk to my family and doctors. You will have no problem “waking up” at the end of the hypnosis. You will never be asleep, you will just feel relaxed, calm, and focused. I don’t think I’m very hypnotizable (e.g., because I’m too nervous, because I have too strong a mind, I need to be in control, etc.). You do not have to be “very hypnotizable” in order to benefit from hypnosis. In fact, research has shown that almost 90% of patients benefit from hypnosis 11. This means that the vast majority of patients benefit from hypnosis, regardless of their level of hypnotizability. I don’t think that I will b


Hypnosis can help adult patients control other forms of pain, relieve gastrointestinal problems, stimulate weight loss, clear up skin problems, and accelerate the healing of bone fractures and surgical wounds. Consumer Reports Hypnosis: A safe and potent pain reliever. Consumer Reports I should have done it years ago. It's amazing I didn't even want cigarettes any more. Matt Damon describing his hypnosis experience to Jay Leno, The Tonight Show Hypnosis can help. A growing body of research supports the ancient practice as an effective tool in the treatment of a variety of problems, from anxiety to chronic pain. Newsweek Hypnosis is not mind control. It's a naturally occurring state of co


If you or loved ones would like to learn more about hypnosis and sports performance, please book your FREE 15 minutes session here:

How to Become Calm in 5 Minutes

5 Minute Self-Hypnosis This is a simple 5-minute exercise intended to give a sense of transformational calmness and relaxation. This exercise, when done properly, is equivalent to and has the same impact on the body as 5 hours of sleep. Needless to say, it is a powerful technique and a valuable tool to have in the arsenal. Note: Do not do this exercise while driving or operating heavy machinery. This is strictly a self-development exercise intended to educate and guide your journey to self-improvement. This is not medical advice. If you have any medical concerns, please contact your medical doctor immediately. The general goal of this exercise is to get in touch with your internal workings a

Sharing Is Caring

Now, you can book your absolutely free phone consultation directly online with me. This is your opportunity to ask and discuss and learn more about your concerns and issues from a professional registered Psychotherapist/ Clinical Hypnotherapist. Book your Free time with me at my website directly at


Tony Robbins said - “Energy flows where focus goes”. So start your week with focus on happiness, success, prosperity and great health and watch how your life become just the way you want it.

2018 School Stress Free

During the month of August 2018, all students and their parents are welcomed to start the new school year with Focus, Calmness, and Relaxation. Call today to learn more or book your FREE consultation at

3 Common Patterns of Anxiety and Stress

If you think it is late to start, you need to check this out and learn that "It has never been late to start". Anxiety and Stress are one of the top endless cycles that we get trapped in nowadays. We get stressed over money, family, work, health and other concerns, but the reality is that all these triggers are just external stimulus. Creating a new pattern of our reaction will help in reducing the stress level dramatically. To be able to detect the stress before it happens look to the following 3 common signs at these three areas in the brain: 1) Frontal and Pre-Frontal Cortex 2) Amygdala 3) Nucleus Accumbens To learn more about these three important  areas in the brain functions, Book your

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During the month of August 2018, all teachers across the nation are invited for this special event. Call today to learn more or book your FREE consultation at

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