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Hypnosis and Addiction Recovery

Hypnosis and Marijuana, Cocaine and Alcohol Intensive Therapy: Utilizing Hypnosis in the Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders. Results: All subjects were given 20 daily hypnosis sessions and then followed up a year later where it was found that using hypnosis in this fashion led to a 77% success rate. Notes: This paper reports on 18 cases over a 7-year period where hypnosis was used to treat a variety of addictions. Fifteen cases involved alcohol, two involved cocaine and one involved marijuana. All subjects were given 20 daily hypnosis sessions and then followed up a yea

What Is Your Suggestible Behavior?

To find out if you are physical or emotional suggestible If you are a control freak, your job and career is number one priority, if you have fear of losing control, if you are over thinker, very realistic, don’t believe in dreams might come true: congratulations you are an emotional suggestible person. If you are a huggable, kissable, dreamer, compassionate, love and family is your number one priority, have fear of rejection, believe that everything is possible; Congratulations you are a physical suggestible person. With that said, there is a big percentage of people that might be in between those two traits. So, do not be panic, or judge yourself so early, because you can learn more about y

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