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Do You Know How To Say Hypnosis in Different Languages?

Saying Hypnosis in European Languages Albanianhipnozë[edit] Basquehipnosi[edit] Belarusianгіпноз[edit] Bosnianhipnoza[edit] Bulgarianхипноза[edit] Catalanhipnosi[edit] Croatianhipnoza[edit] Czechhypnóza[edit] Danishhypnose[edit] Dutchhypnose[edit] Estonianhüpnoos[edit] Finnishhypnoosi[edit] Frenchhypnose[edit] Galicianhipnose[edit] GermanHypnose[edit] Greekύπνωση (ýpnosi) Saying Hypnosis in Asian Languages Armenianհիպնոս[edit] Azerbaijanihipnoz[edit] Bengaliসম্মোহন[edit] Chinese Simplified催眠 (cuīmián) [edit]Chinese Traditional催眠 (cuīmián) [edit] Georgianhypnosis[edit] Gujaratiસંમોહન[edit] Hindiसम्मोहन[edit] Hmonghypnosis[edit] Japanese催眠[edit] Kannadaಸಂಮೋಹನ[edit] Kazakhгипноз[edit] Khmerសណ

Intimacy and the Relationships

The first time two people engage in sex will determine the quality of sex for the term of the relationship and the level of intimacy in a relationship. Initiating sex – the physical initiates sex more often than the emotional. The emotional female is easier to get into bed than the physical because she doesn’t want to create a confrontation by saying “no”. Unlike the physical, the emotional can separate love from sex. They have two very different reasons for going to bed together and both usually fail to communicate in this area. The physical is comfortable with physical expression. The Physical female is comfortable removing her clothes. The emotional female wants to be undressed. Both male

3 Brain Codes NLP For Healthy Relationship

Is your partner a right or a left brainer? The eyes have it all. In NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) the non-verbal communication is crucial. In fact, the current medical research approved that more than 80% of our daily communications are hidden within our gestures, small movements, body language, and more. Is your partner a right brain dominant or left brain dominant? Because you both have different traits and brains that you need to understand first before you jump on misunderstanding or misconception traps. Read the full article at :

Why Self-Confidence is Important?

Self confidence  & Self-Esteem Are you self-critical of your successes or failures? Struggling with expressing yourself? Overcoming feelings of jealousy, insecurity or inferiority? Having trouble making big or small decisions When feeling good about ourselves, our confidence in the ability to accomplish our wishes, hopes and dreams is tremendous. When we experience long-term exposure to negative and abusive environments or situations, or we’ve become overly stressed, anxious or busy, the result is often low feelings of self-worth, sluggish energy, difficulty making decisions, feelings of insecurity, self-blame, perfectionism and more. I help you overcome these challenges, so you can re-disco

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