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Hypnosis For Cancer and Chronic Pain

Cancer is one of the most complicated diseases in our modern life. Live with cancer is like being stuck in the mud. The pain and the suffering associated with cancer is unbearable. Hypnosis is a safe way to get your mind in a coherence mode instead of scumbled and shattered one. This recording should help the listener to get through this difficult time while getting medical treatment or even after or before. It is not medical advice; the main purpose of these exercises is to educate yourself for better self-improvement. Stay awesome and amazing.

How Hypnosis Can Help With Love?

block Happy Valentines Day The ability to let go of the negativity and old habits of our sex lives and relationship is the key in dating. In our life we get challenged several times, but what did we learn from it is a new path towards success. In order for you to heal the past, you have to let go of the grief and the sadness of the old relationship. As the year has just started, your opportunity to let go and start fresh is at the peak. Keeping on holding on to the past does not serve you any good, not now and not in the future. If you are looking for a better sex life and relationship you have to create that space for it. A space of welcoming and openin

Mental Health Colorado Interview

ANDREW ROMANOFF CEO OF Mental Health Colorado SUPPORTS THE REBUILD YOUR MIND MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGE & INITIATIVE. Show your care about mental health concerns by sharing this video. Thank you

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