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Self-Confidence Hypnosis

I never met anyone who said I do not need more confidence. Self-confidence and improve your abilities to achieve more confidence is a lifetime learning process. By listening or watching this podcast you will anchor a very powerful technique to help you with self-confidence. This technique should help you so much in your self-improvement journey because it has a very simple yet applicable strategy. I have created this exercise to help millions and millions of people around the globe to pull off their self-confidence easily and quickly. If you ask anyone, what would be your number one priority to reach your goal? You probably hear so many answers to that. However, without self-confidence along

When Everything Was Just Right!

Let’s go into a beautiful journey inside you, I mean your mind. Remember the time, when everything was just right. You might wonder and it is okay to wonder because it is part of your mind. Although it might not be your conscious mind. Perhaps it's your sub-conscious brain 🧠 is listening to my voice and understand my words. Maybe you are here now for a bigger reason that you are not aware of yet. However, it doesn’t matter, because you are here and listening or reading these few words. So, you might as well listen and learn more about yourself. Enjoy. Let me know what do you feel after you finish. Drop me a line or two, at or on any of my social media links on www

Can Hypnosis Help Me To Sleep?

(image: Dominikmatus under CC BY-SA 2.0) Source: Over the history of humanity, sleep has always been a concern. In fact, in old Egypt they have created a special chamber for it. They have called it "A Sleeping Chamber", and that was the beginning of Hypnotherapy as we know it now. With that said, let's talk about the hypnosis efficacy with sleep. Several medical researchers have been published exploring the importance of hypnosis in a better sleep. For example, Journal of clinical sleep medicine, stated in its publication on 2017 under title of Hypnosis Intervention Effects on Sleep Outcomes: A Systemati

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