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You Are Enough In life we all know that it is easy to say keep going, don’t give up, but the reality of it is that we all come across these changes at one point or another. This episode will certainly help you to get empowered and keep moving forward from a deeper prospective of your subconscious mind.

8 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Rejection

Do you often find yourself scared of being rejected? Maybe you stay in your comfort zone out of fear of being judged or rejected? Perhaps you find that rejection affects both your love life and your career? Whatever it is affecting, there are ways that you can overcome your fear of rejection. For some, the fear of rejection can have a big impact on their life and how they live it. For example, maybe you don’t try and progress in your career from a fear of being told no, or you haven’t asked out your crush because you are scared about what they might say. It’s common to not want to be rejected in life, however developing a fear of rejection can sometimes cause problems. Before we talk about h

How to get into your mind instead of your head?

It is very easy to get into your head and become spacey. However, this episode is all about how to get into your mind and clear your thoughts. create your reality by the power of your subconscious mind imagery. Allow yourself to experience the experience and feel the feelings, without judgment or critique. Stay awesome and amazing! Enjoy!

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