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Nail biting is a common concern for so many, it can be embarrassing and not professional. In this episode of My Best Healer Podcast, you will learn more about how to eliminate this behavior even let go completely. Always stay awesome and amazing!

GMC 3 Writing and Publication

Learn more about writing and publication. Dr. Shelley Evans, Joyce Anastasia and myself continue the journey of publication and writing episodes. Enjoy! Share it with the world, because when you share, it shows you care. Stay awesome and amazing.

Validation of a New Outcome Measure for Orthopaedic Trauma Inpatients

What a great honor to see my own researches are published on Pubmed. This publication is one of my years of experience and expertise in medical field, enjoy. Abstract Background: Functional performance is the most relevant outcome for trauma patients. Currently, no functional outcome measure for trauma inpatients exists. Objective: To report on reliability and validity testing of a new functional outcome measure for orthopaedic trauma inpatients. Methodology: Descriptive study conducted to test selected psychometric properties of the new Functional Scale for Trauma Inpatients at Rashid Hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A total of 100 eligible male and female orthopaedic trauma inpatie

GMC 5 Minutes Self-Hypnosis

It is time to let go and relax your body. In a few minutes, you will be able to sleep better and do everything else very very well. Enjoy

How to Manage Chronic Pain with Self-Hypnosis

Chronic pain can be devastating, it can lead to a very difficult situation with the self. The mind is capable of adapting and coping with pain. However, when the pain is exceeding the capacity of your brain, your abilities to cope with becoming very hard. In this episode of My Best Healer podcast, you will be guided through a wonderful experience to help you alleviate the chronically suffer you had. This is not medical advice, if you have a medical concern please consult your medical doctor immediately. Enjoy

Dr. Ryan Valencic DC CEO at Novis Health

He is a doctor by training and an entrepreneur by heart. He has founded and operated 5 healthcare practices as well as a medical marketing company. In a very interesting interview at My Best healer Podcast with Dr. Ezzat Moghazy. Listen to the full podcast here or at my best healer podcast, follow this link:

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