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3 Common Patterns of Anxiety and Stress

If you think it is late to start, you need to check this out and learn that "It has never been late to start". Anxiety and Stress are one of the top endless cycles that we get trapped in nowadays. We get stressed over money, family, work, health and other concerns, but the reality is that all these triggers are just external stimulus. Creating a new pattern of our reaction will help in reducing the stress level dramatically. To be able to detect the stress before it happens look to the following 3 common signs at these three areas in the brain:

1) Frontal and Pre-Frontal Cortex

2) Amygdala

3) Nucleus Accumbens

To learn more about these three important  areas in the brain functions, Book your Free phone consultation now.

Sincerely, Ezzat Moghazy Clinical Hypnotherapist/Registered Psychotherapist Specialized in Pain, Trauma, and Relationships in the state of Colorado.

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