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"How to handle Relationships & Responsibilities During the Corona Pandemic"

"How to handle Relationships & Responsibilities During the Corona Pandemic"

Thank you so much for reading this piece that I have designed for you. I am dedicating this work for the universe to live in peace and harmony. As a Doctor of Integrative Medicine and a Clinical Hypnotherapist trained to help people handling anxiety, stress, worries and tension around relationships and responsibilities during coronavirus pandemic and any other natural disaster.

For the first time in history, we are all feeling the same fears, worries, and anxiousness but obviously we all respond differently. Here are 24 suggestions that will help you and your family to destress and stay connected during this trying time:

#1 Even though you are isolated and stuck at home, it does not mean that you have to be isolated or stuck in your mind or your negative thoughts, the universe is teaching you something here.

#2 It is all about the story we tell ourselves. If you repeat the story of gratefulness and appreciation in your mind rather than repeating the story of sickness/death and separation, you will definitely find yourself in a better place.

#3 Hold your partners hand, look into their eyes, lovingly and gently squeeze to show them that you appreciate them and thankful for having them in your life. Tell your partner, “my love”, you are not alone; we are going through this crisis together. So, let go of the fear of being lonely, because you are not.

#4 It's true that you cannot really understand what it feels like to be anxious and stressed, until you have experienced it yourself. It is hard to explain to your partner what it means to you to be anxious until the coronavirus came along. We are all experiencing this pandemic together.

#5 Therefore, seeking professional help and asking for support (Clinical Hypnotherapy) is essential for our mental and physical health and wellness, during such time.

#6 Get out of the state of fears and worries, which I call, “the fear zone” and see yourself in the state of peace and calmness. When you practice this, you are going to experience being a spiritual being in a human experience.

#7 The definition of FEAR, is “False Emotions Appearing Real”. Therefore, don’t allow these false emotions to take the best out of you.

#8 Don’t complain - don’t explain – Dr. Wayne Dyer, create a deeper sense of gratitude for whatever that you have and don’t have.

#9 One of the most important fundamental behaviors that I teach my clients during our hypnotherapy work is; your body is a space and this space cannot contain two opposite emotions at the same exact time. It's not possible to be angry and happy at the same moment, you cannot be tense and relaxed at the same exact moment. Your physiology will refuse to do this, therefore when you are comfortable and calm in the state of hypnosis you cannot be stressed and anxious.

#10 Have positive thoughts because these thoughts are real will reflect positivity on your partner, so let them be positive!

#11 I also would suggest to not feel lonely. Rather remove yourself from isolation and create social connections. Obviously, keeping social distance which is very important for your health and others at this moment of time. Communicate with others through other median’s like phone calls or emails, FaceTime, Skype or whatever suits you the best. Maybe pick up your phone and text a friend that you haven’t talked to in a while or family member that you don’t reach out to often.

#12 Medical research has shown that we have over 60,000 thoughts daily. Of these 60,000 thoughts most are the same thoughts over and over. Furthermore, the practice of self-hypnosis, meditation, and silence will help create a gap between these roaming thoughts allowing yourself to be connected, centered, and balanced. For example; Create a daily practice of self-hypnosis with your partner. That will lead to a state of coherence between your heart and your brain, in which your feelings and thoughts are in balance and harmony.

#13 Be outside and connect with nature; Hug and hold a tree, walk bear foot in the grass. Take a walk on the beach or near a river. Ride a bike or find a trail to hike… Just get outside and enjoy the sunlight on your face.

#14 Keep yourself away from unhealthy food; sugar, carbs, alcohol, and smoking. Medical research has shown that eating sugar diminishes your immune system by 45%. Your immune system is very important now in combating the Corona Virus.

#15 It's a great opportunity now to reflect on yourself and create a gratefulness and appreciation mindset. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “I am that I am, and I am OK with that right now.”

#16 Create healthy habits, use more appreciation towards the blessings in your life. For example, be grate for the roof on your head or the bed that allows you sleep and rest. Or the food that is in your fridge. Perhaps show gratitude for the internet accessibility you have that allows you to stay connected, in which allowed you to read this article right now.

#17 Experience kindness with your partner and family. If you do not already, start cooking together, perhaps dance or sing together. Pull out a puzzle or an old board game. Pray together or meditate Continue to exercise or start a new routine. This is the time to create new and healthy habits together.

#18 Foresee your beautiful and bright future is already here. Be that person you want to become as if that person is already YOU now.

#19 “I have a better relationship now than ever before I have better control over my responsibilities now than ever before”, say it and write it every day as your new mantra or affirmation, it will become your new reality.

#20 See the Positives! People are coming together like never before. People are spending more time outside rather than inside. Donating to their favorite causes and showing gratitude in ways that have since diminished. Which lead me to an “Aha moment”, “Thank you Corona” for pushing us to be more active bringing us closer overnight without any coaching and regiments. This is a huge positive impact of COVID-19. We are finding new ways to survive and strive.

#21 Another positive impact of Corona Virus on us, we have developed a deeper sense of appreciation for life and more passion towards each other.

#22 No distractions! Now is the time. Do things that you’ve been postponing or didn’t have the time for. What a great way to control your procrastination habit. Start now! Get off your chair and take the first step towards something you’ve been putting off.

#23 Have you ever tried Telehealth / Telemedicine? This form of medicine is flourishing now more than ever before. You have access to some of the best therapies right at your fingertips. You and your partner/family can access hypnotherapy from the comfort of your phone or computer.

#24 And Finally, I will leave you with this.

“Life is what we feel, not what we see.”

Please share this with the world, because when you share it, it shows you care. All my best, Dr. Ezzat Moghazy Clinical Hypnotherapist 50 S. Steele St. #950 Denver, CO 80209 303.810.8888

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