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Number One Hypnotherapy Trend in 2020: What It Means For You

How the Corona Virus Pandemic has an impact on our intimacy and relationships?

Do you feel stuck in your house, and your relationship gets worse every day?

Let me introduce you to one of my top five secrets Hypnotherapy techniques. It is simple relationship strategy that will change your life forever.

These five Hypnotherapy relationship strategies will help you to understand how to live 24*7 with your partner without feeling tedium. It does not matter how hard you work to make your relationship work out if you did not learn how to cope with changes.

When life was just right, and everything was going smooth, you never have realized something would turn so topsy turvy.

I have realized that this pandemic has been the most overwhelming and difficult time we are facing as humanity. You get up one morning, finding that the world you have known is not the same anymore.

Your brain couldn’t cope with the shock. It took you a few weeks, if not months to understand what we are going through is happening. Even though we are halfway to understanding this situation, we are still in a state of confusion.

This is because the mind has the ability to reserve the traumatic events or painful situations as a cushion to protect you.

Therefore, you will find yourself and your partner in a very high tendency of sensitivity and lack of focus. Feeling tired or exhausted is your everyday life now.

Coronavirus pandemic has definitely been an overwhelming circumstance that leads to overstimulated messages to our brains, creating what we call it “Hyper-suggestibility” state of mind due to the environmental hypnosis.

Term environmental hypnosis means overloading message units from the outside world into our brains leads to an overwhelming feeling. And that creates chronic stress and anxiety, and if you don’t address it early, your ability to cope becomes very slim.

Research shows the efficacy of Quantum Medical Hypnosis on relieving stress and social anxiety symptoms:

In summary, the following 5 relationship strategies had a positive instantaneous impact on increasing your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in which is correlated with your stress level.

These relationship strategies are accessible now for anyone to measure their HRV by using a simple device that can be attached to your finger, very similar to a pulse oximeter, and show you a full reading of your stress level.

In my practice, I see so many cases with relationships anxiety and stress because of COVID 19 and couples seeking strategies to maintain healthy relationships. The mental impact of this pandemic is as high as the physical impact.

In fact, I think addressing the mental aspect of it is as important as taking care of the physical part.

And now, let us jump into one of five relationship strategies for a successful relationship and to help you cope with stress around togetherness 24*7.

Read on for some successful relationship advice:

Because most couples are subject to hyper-suggestibility, that is, they are in a state in which the body reacts very quickly hypersensitive emotionally, i.e., hot temper] due to high stress, COVID19, and chronic anxiousness.

So, they are in a constant state of environmental hypnosis or sensory overload because the brain doesn’t know what to do with the stress. It seeks mental or physical diversions to escape the stress, such as drugs, overeating, or just being spacey.

One of the first bonding relationship strategies is the act of counting oneself up many times per day to “dehypnotize” yourself to get out of the dreamy, escapist patterns, and into the moment.

Then, it follows that during QMH, the therapist must take the PTSD person into a deeper level of sleep than their current state.

Dehypnotizing oneself

One: 1 body I have

Two: 2 eyes I see through

Three: my 1 heart is beating, and my 2 lungs are breathing

Four: the extremities I feel, 2 hands and 2 feet are intact.

Five: 5 senses I am blessed with, and I can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

The goal of SDT is to provide the person with tools to maintain the physical body under one’s own control.

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