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Benefits of being a Certified QMH Practitioner 1?

  • Professional opportunities to earn money and develop a career in holistic health
  • As the demand for energy healing continues to grow, you also can add value to your practice by also offering Hypnosis
  • Free profile listing on My Best Healer Directory for the first year
  • My Best Healer gives out referrals to our certified practitioners and instructors
  • An immediate sense of peace, love, and harmony with yourself and the world
  • The power of self-healing energy
  • Learn how harvest the positive energy 
  • Create a right mindset to live a better life
  • Master The Power of Your Unconscious Mind


What will you receive once you sign up for QMH practitioner 1 certification?

This Certification Includes:

  • The QMH Manual - Illustrated book explaining step-by-step all Hypnosis scripts 
  • QMH practitioner 1 certification
  • A full day of hands-on practice and training
  • 21 Hours of mentorship, practice and supervision. So, you can build confidence and trust in your skills
  • The lineage with Dr. Moghazy (QMH Founder)


How does Hypnosis work?​

Researchers have found that QMH hypnosis can calm an area in the brain, called "AMYGDALA" the core of a neural system for processing fearful and threatening stimuli.


Subsequently, QMH activates the nucleus accumbens resulting in an increase in dopamine levels. Which, helps control autonomic functions like heart rate, blood flow, and breathing. This is likely what leads to physical relaxation.


During QMH hypnosis, a QMH hypnotherapist induces a state of intense concentration, which is called "QMH INDUCTION". A trance-like state you enter may appear similar to sleep in many ways, but you're fully aware of what's going on.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis feels like you have slept for many days and wake up fresh and energized


In level I of QMH Practitioner training, you’ll learn:

  • How to apply the science of Quantum Medical Hypnosis and quantum entanglement with your clients

  • What is hypnosis? And why did Einstein call it spooky?

  • What is Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH)? How can you apply it in your private practice right now?

  • A variety of QMH tools, you will be able to help clients in their discovery process as they gain insight, direction, and empowerment from their healing journeys

  • How to facilitate hypnosis healing journeys that gently release blocks and naturally increase motivation, allowing your clients to move forward in life with more success, health, and happiness

  • The uses of QMH for pain control, stress reduction and healing, and a variety of general emotional well-being and success issues


Prerequisite: Non, This certification teaches you everything from scratch


Who is this certification for?

  • For those of you who love to learn about Hypnosis and Quantum Medicine, this course is for you. 


Course Duration: A full day of One-On-One hands-on practice followed by 21 hours of practicum, mentorship and supervision. So, you can build all the confidence you need and the trust you desire.


Course fees: $1500  (interest-free payments are acceptable)

Enroll Today: Add to cart and you will receive an email with more details

Hypnosis Certificate

    • Dr. Moghazy is one of only a handful of professionals in the world that has the expertise and experience to integrate a variety of healthcare disciplines together, including:
    1. Doctor of Integrative Medicine
    2. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
    3. Mind Mapping Instructor
    4. Native American Medicine Instructor
    5. The Sound of Medicine Founder
    6. Former Physical Therapist
    • He has been practicing and teaching Reiki since 1999
    • He taught this certification in every continent except the arctic
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