#950 Successful Story

I would like to share with you this successful Story from my practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Denver Colorado 

- Because of patient’s privacy protection I can’t share the real name or the identity of my clients. This material has been created after several years of experience and practice from a variety of clients. 

The purpose of this material is education not a treatment plan for any concerns. If you have a serious medical condition please consult with your doctor. 

Successful Story Presenting Issues: Limiting belief about self, self-love, deserving Feelings: disconnection, fear, PTSD, sick in the stomach, old abusive relationship Describes herself as: Lovely, positive, I don’t give up Where it started: She says she’s never been good with people. Growing up hear mom would discourage her from doing things that out of norm. demolish her creativity. She has in an abusive relationship and she felt unlovable, abandonment  How it’s progressed: She currently works for a company and is in charge of creating solutions for various clients. This requires creativity as well as the ability to be focused and detail oriented. She made some expensive mistakes recently at her place of work and really feels like she needs to hone in on these skills. Additionally, she really wants to own her own holistic healing center for women to help them age gracefully Findings: Emotional (Suggestible), and Emotional (Behavior) Goals: Improve limiting beliefs about the self Follow-Up: After 40 years suffer from low self-esteem and anxiety and panic attacks, now her level self-confidence and calmness are very high. She believes in herself now than ever before. She can see a brighter future; full of success, prosperity and happiness. Hypnosis Session: Techniques used; Arm Raising, Arm Rigidity, Staircase, Visualization: Control Room, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Techniques.  Outcomes: More control, she can lower her own discomfort and negative emotions around people. More successful stories are coming soon, stay tuned. To receive the most updated conditions and solutions: leave your email here: https://www.mybesthealer.com/clinicalhypnosisindenver Kindly, feel free to share this successful story with the world, it might be an inspiration for some one who need it the most. All my best, Ezzat Moghazy Clinical Hypnotherapist 50 S. Steele St. #950 Denver, CO 80209 Successful Story 303.810.8888 Ezy@mybesthealer.com www.mybesthealer.com 

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