Dr. James Rouse on My Best Healer Podcast

Meet Dr. James

Dr. James Rouse is a highly authentic, energized, and purpose-driven leader. As a naturopathic doctor, entrepreneur, athlete, husband, and father, Dr. James has a personal, clinical, and professional understanding of what it takes to create and sustain a life we love.

From Fortune 500 boardrooms to nationally broadcast media, Dr. James has served and inspired seasoned billionaires, world-class athletes, and budding entrepreneurs. James brings his love for human potential and his passion for serving to curate high performing cultures from start-ups to multinational corporations.

James is a teacher of "what works" that allows both environments to thrive. His enthusiasm for helping us all to realize our potential is contagious and his commitment to showing us how to have success in our whole life is unsurpassed. What an honor to have Dr. James Rouse on My Best Healer Podcast today. I am thrilled to share his wisdom, knowledge, and great deal of experience with you. This is the first time to have Dr. James on My Best Healer Podcast, but certainly not the last. In about an hour heart to heart emotions, thoughts and medical experiences are going to uplift your life to the next level. Dr. James is going to teach you the power the strength of vulnerability to achieve joy and success. We are going to talk about everything from life to living and experiencing tears of joy and laughs from the hearts. In this special episode of My Best Healer Podcast, your new year is truly going to light up and cheer for a wonderful life ahead of you. Buckle up because you are about to enjoy the best Podcast in 2021 with Dr. James Rouse. You are welcome to share this podcast with your friends, family, and neighbors because when you share it shows you care. Get in touch with Dr. James: WEB: Drjamesrouse.com Instagram Dr. James Rouse Facebook: Dr. James Rouse Always remember to stay awesome and amazing! #hope #beingvulnerable is being #open to being #seen, you are the #medicine Your friend. Dr. Ezzat Moghazy https://www.mybesthealer.com/

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