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Although many of you know me as a hypnotherapist,

I also practice and teach a plethora of medical modalities.
My Credentials

  • Doctor of Integrative Medicine

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Former Physical Therapist

  • Quantum Medical Hypnosis™ Founder/Instructor

  • Ericksonian Hypnosis / Kapasanian Hypnosis

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Dream Therapy Instructor

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Emotional Fascia™ Instructor

  • The Sound of Medicine™ Instructor

  • Myofascial Release and CT6 Taping™ Instructor

  • Handwriting Analysis Instructor

  • Integrative Medicine Instructor

  • Native American Medicine Instructor

  • Reiki Master Teacher, Natural Energy Healing, SINCE 1999

My Experiences
As a Doctor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have successfully helped and continue to help people in their successful healing journey to become successful and free of Stress in Relationships, Anxiety, Tinnitus,  PTSD, Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Fear of Flying or Heights, Sports performance, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, IBS, TMJ, Confusion, Trauma, Hypno-Birth, Past Life Regression, and Weight Loss just to mention a few.​

With over 20 years of experience as a former Physical Therapist, I understand the neuro-pathophysiology (THE ROOT CAUSE) of mind-body dysfunctions.

I have a successful practice in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado. 
I also have an office in Boulder and Fort Collins. In addition, I offer online sessions for those who prefer not to travel.  

My Journey as an Author
I am the author of many books published. The most recent book is: The Red Book: How To Heal Yourself and Others? Reiki I, II, & III. The power of words, Lucidity, QMH, and many more.


Over the years, I have created the largest downloadable audio hypnosis library in the world. Designed to help you access your unconscious mind and resolve almost any obstacle you might have. Hypnosis at your fingertips - CLICK HERE.

My Teachings
As a Teacher, I was a guest speaker at CU Boulder, Leads Business School, a class about Consumer Behavior / Wealthy Mind "Why do we buy what we buy?" In addition, a long history of teaching around the world, from the Gulf Medical School to the community healthcare systems around the world. It is my passion to empower others and teach them what I have learned over the years. I have taught pretty much all levels of students from doctorate-level medical students, and therapists to all walks of life globally.


Through my teaching programs, you will be equipped with the appropriate tools, skills, and methods that will help you start your own business or practice and make your current one even better.

I have been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1999.

Your Healing Journey
During your healing sessions, you are in a relaxed, conscious state and are never coerced to do or share anything you don’t want, contrary to what you may see in the media about hypnosis. Remember your success is mine, so it's a win-win.

You will find me a passionate listener and a professional practitioner who can help you.
I have dedicated my life to helping people and empowering them to see their own strengths. My mastery of the art of medicine and healing is exceptional. As a result, you will be in a position to immediately focus, with great clarity, on the best solutions that will help you quickly reach your goals and dreams.

I am also listed in The Best Therapists in Denver
​As the Founder of My Best Healer, I have created a friendly, inviting, and safe environment for everyone to be heard and understood. Which in return is helping you break through anxiety and trauma to find love and financial abundance through Quantum Medical Hypnosis™ and many of my healing methods.​

I offer you opportunities to succeed and solutions to exceed through My Hypnotherapy classes, sessions, download audio and videos, workshops, podcasts, and networking opportunities. My Best Healer is your pathway to discovering the profound benefits of holistic healing

Aren't you tired of searching for a solution to your concerns, give me a call today. I will be honored to help you.

Dr. Ezzat Moghazy the founder of My Best Healer

What is the best way to grieve?
Hypnotherapy can help you with the death of loved ones

My Best Healer Family

Losing Daisy was the hardest day of my life. She was truly the light of my heart. I felt so out of control. My emotions were all over the place with intense waves of profound sadness, emptiness, and uncontrollable crying. I was literally screaming with anguish!! knowing I would never be able to squish her puggy rolls or hug & kiss her again.
Daisy traveled to the United States with us. On every road trip, she was there. (I know every hotel/resort in the US that accepts dogs!) If we left the house, Daisy was right there by our sides. Daisy survived several bouts of cancer, a collapsed lung, and collapsed trachea, and yet still through it all, she was a fighter. She taught us the meaning of true love. 
So the fretful day the vet said we had done all we could and that it was time for us to let go….. I lost a very big piece of me. My husband had never seen me like this. I just wanted the pain to go away…… my husband, being the amazing man he is, kindly & softly asked if I would like a hypnotherapy session. I was thinking to myself, ”this seems like the worst time for Hypnotherapy…. How could I be selfish during a time of such mourning? I can’t even stop crying to hear his words.” Well- WOW, was I wrong!! That 15 min session was LIFE-CHANGING! I was amazed, it literally was a light switch to all that I was feeling... The pain was there, but it felt different. I instantly stopped crying. It felt as though my brain was focusing on the good times with her and not all the emotions of losing her. I was able to get through that day and night and all those that still follow. It allowed me to heal all while embracing the beautiful memories of her. I am forever grateful and am a 1000% believer in how Hypnotherapy will help you. It’s an amazing therapy that will get you through the hardest of hard times of losing something you love so much.

For anyone going through grief, pain, or loss of love, please reach out. You will not regret it. You are not alone!
Sincerely speaking to your heart,
Michelle Moghazy

The Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Scientists have never really studied the unconscious mind in-depth and we still do not know enough about our own minds. But we do know that it could run and control almost everything we do. In this 43-minute of audio hypnosis, Dr. Moghazy is going to help you unleash the power of your unconscious mind.




Anxiety Relief

^ Click on the video above & watch a free sample ^


Weight Loss

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How to Calm Your Nervous System

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Emotional Balance / Love & Trust

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Transformative Healing

Are you feeling lost? Do you experience constant judgment and criticism from others? Are you feeling a lack of direction and missing your life purpose?
Your ability to trust is diminished. These feelings and more can lead to anxiety and a lack of balance.  

Every time we come into a narrow road, event, or experience (birth) we need to trust life that we will come through (rebirth). If we don’t, will GET STUCK and that is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. 

When it comes to your physical body, you are your thoughts. Body control; weight loss, or addictions are great examples of MIND-BODY DISCONNECTION. 

The best example of EMOTIONAL ISSUES is a lack of confidence. Which originates from the inner child or even before that. Google's scholars are defining that as a part of your subconscious mind conflict.

Hypnosis and Reiki Trainings


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Breakthrough Emotional Blockages

Cognitive therapy services; Energy healing services, namely, quantum transformation and healing services to eliminate stress; Hypnosis services;
Hypnotherapy services for medical or psychological purposes; Providing information in the field of integrative medicine, Native American medicine, hypnosis, and reiki healing; Reiki healing services

Discover The Power of Your Mind

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