Dr. Moghazy

Is an exceptionally qualified Doctor and passionate Hypnotherapist who enjoys working one-on-one with people in beautiful Colorado in person and online. He takes pride in the difference he has made in so many lives.

Using scientifically proven techniques, they will aim to discover the root of the problem and create a long-lasting, effective change. No matter what issues you’re facing, get ready to free yourself from the negative, subconscious blocks that are holding you back.




Dr. Ezzat Moghazy, Ph.D. / I-MD

  • Doctorate and Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine 
       Quantum University, USA 2019
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 
       Hypnosis Motivation Institute, USA 2016
  • Mind Mapping Instructor
       MindBuzan Institute, UK 2014
  • Healthcare Management
       Athabasca University, Canada 2010
  • Kinesio Taping Instructor
       Kinesio University, USA 2009
  • Weight and Diabetic Management
       Weight Management Centre, UK 2009
  • Masters of Science in Physical Therapy
       Stellenbosch University, South Africa 2008
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
       Cairo University, Egypt 2002
  • Reiki Master Teacher, 1999
  1. Integrative Medicine
  2. Hypnotherapy (Ericksonian and Kappasonian)
  3. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) 
  4. Behavior Modification
  5. Mindfulness-Based Therapy
  6. Past Life Regression Therapy
  7. Trauma Therapy (PTSD)
  8. Narrative Therapy
  9. Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT Tapping)
  10. Energy Medicine / Reiki Therapy
  11. Biofeedback (Heart Rate Variability)
  12. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  13. Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH)
  1. PTSD / Trauma 
  2. Weight Control / Lack of Sleep 
  3. Guilt / Shame / Abandonment / Rejection
  4. Anxiety / Fears / Stress
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*You will get hypnotized regardless of what language you speak or I speak. The subconscious mind language is different from spoken language were as its comprehension may be numbers, symbols, colors, pictures, images, and imagination to name just a few. However it’s way beyond conscious spoken language, it has infinite possibilities. Which I call the infinite mind rather than the limited spoken mind. And because of that, it doesn’t matter what language you speak, and will never limit your unconscious mind's hypnotizability. 
       8 Steps to Hypnotize Anyone, An Extraordinary             Breakthrough In Treating Stress, Trauma & More
  • The Code of Coherence™ (COC)                          When your unconscious mind achieve the infinite connection, I call that the state of "LUCIDITY"
  • The First Orthopedic Trauma Inpatient Outcome Measure Functional performance is the most relevant outcome for trauma patients
  • ACR Technique
       3 steps to create the best self 
  • 5 Minute Self-Hypnosis 
     Learn how to hypnotize yourself in 5 easy steps
  • 10 Strategies to Get rid of Anxiety 
     Modern life is on your side not against you
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