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Benefits of being a Certified Drumming Therapy practitioner?

  • Professional opportunities to earn money and develop a career in holistic health
  • As the demand for energy healing continues to grow, you also can add value to your practice by also offering Hypnosis
  • Free profile listing on My Best Healer Directory for the first year
  • My Best Healer gives out referrals to our certified practitioners and instructors
  • An immediate sense of peace, love, and harmony with yourself and the world
  • The power of self-healing energy
  • Learn how harvest the positive energy 
  • Create a right mindset to live a better life
  • Master Drumming Therapy techniques


What will you receive once you sign up for Drumming Therapy Certification?

This Certification Includes:

  • The Drumming Therapy Certification - Illustrated book explaining step-by-step all Drumming Therapy Techniques
  • Drumming Therapy Certification
  • A full day of hands-on practice and training
  • 21 Hours of mentorship, practice and supervision. So, you can build confidence and trust in your skills
  • The lineage with Dr. Moghazy (The Sound of Medicine Founder)


Prerequisite: Non, This certification teaches you everything from scratch


Who is this certification for?

  • For those of you who love to learn about Drumming Therapy Techniques, this course is for you. 


Course Duration: A full day of One-On-One hands-on practice followed by 21 hours of practicum, mentorship and supervision. So, you can build all the confidence you need and the trust you desire.


Course fees: $1500  (interest-free payments are acceptable)

Enroll Today: Add to cart and you will receive an email with more details

Drumming Therapy Certification

    • Dr. Moghazy is one of only a handful of professionals in the world that has the expertise and experience to integrate a variety of healthcare disciplines together, including:
    1. Doctor of Integrative Medicine
    2. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
    3. Mind Mapping Instructor
    4. Native American Medicine Instructor
    5. The Sound of Medicine Founder
    6. Former Physical Therapist
    • He has been practicing and teaching Reiki since 1999
    • He taught this certification in every continent except the arctic
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