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Benefits of being a Certified Reiki Practitioner 1?

  1. Would you like to develop a career in holistic health?

  2. As the demand for professional healers continues to grow, you also can add value to your practice by also offering Myofascial Release, Reiki, QM Hypnosis, Handwriting Analysis, HRV-Biofeedback, Mind-Mapping, Quantum Energy Healing

  3. Would you like your name & practice to be listed for Free on MBH (YPN)? among other professional healers, practitioners, and therapists?

  4. My Best Healer gives out referrals to our certified practitioners and instructors

  5. An immediate sense of peace, love, and harmony with yourself and the world

  6. The power of self-healing energy

  7. Learn how to harvest the positive energy 

  8. Create the right mindset to live a better life


What will you receive once you sign up for Reiki practitioner I certification?

This Certification Includes:

  • The Reiki Manual - Illustrated book explaining step-by-step all practices
  • Reiki practitioner 1 certification
  • A full day of hands-on practice and training
  • 21 Hours of mentorship, practice and supervision. So, you can build confidence and trust in your skills
  • The lineage with Dr. Moghazy, and Dr. Usui (Reiki Founder)


Learn about your natural healing abilities and why it is important to you?

  • Your body knows how to heal itself, but your mind doesn’t. That is why, it is very important for you to learn the skill set to heal yourself.
  • In the Reiki first level 1 you will be initiated through the “attunement”. The attunement creates the personal channel for the natural source of healing so that your body will be able to channel pure healing energy.


How does Reiki work?

Our life force is responsive to thoughts and feelings. It becomes disrupted when we accept, either consciously or unconsciously, negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves or others. Negative thoughts and feelings are not something that disappears into thin air; rather they attach themselves to the energy field and cause blockages. According to Quantum Physics, thoughts affect the arrangement of the atoms that make up the physical bodies. Negative thoughts can, if allowed, diminish the vital functions of the organs of the physical body. Bruce Lipton in his book -The Biology of Belief, mentioned that “our blood chemistry is affected by personal perception”.


In level I of Reiki training, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 sacred principles to calm your mind and heal your body.
  • Natural system of healing thus provides stress-relief, pain management, deep calming relaxation and balance without medication
  • What is Reiki?
  • How reiki works?
  • Uses of reiki
  • An introduction to the human energy systems
  • Comprehensive hand positions for working with yourself
  • How to take good care of yourself and your energy?
  • How to protect yourself from negative people and negative thoughts?
  • How to harvest more positive energy everyday?
  • What kind of exercises you need to do on a daily base to manifest the life you want?
  • Chakra locations and how to create balance among them?
  • How to regular your emotions?
  • The EFT “Emotional Freedom Techniques” as been taught traditionally 1000s of years ago


Reiki is a wonderful gift that can help you to change your life for the better


Prerequisite: Non, This certification teaches you everything from scratch


Who is this certification for?

  • For those of you who love to learn about Reiki Natural Healing and Life Force Energy, this course is for you. 


Course Duration: A full day of One-On-One hands-on practice followed by 21 hours of practicum, mentorship and supervision. So, you can build all the confidence you need and the trust you desire.

Course fees: $1500  (interest-free payments are acceptable)

Enroll Today: Add to cart and you will receive an email with more details

Reiki Certificate

    • Dr. Moghazy is one of only a handful of professionals in the world that has the expertise and experience to integrate a variety of healthcare disciplines together, including:
    1. Doctor of Integrative Medicine
    2. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
    3. Mind Mapping Instructor
    4. Native American Medicine Instructor
    5. The Sound of Medicine Founder
    6. Former Physical Therapist
    • He has been practicing and teaching Reiki since 1999
    • He taught this certification in every continent except the arctic
    • "Life changing. I enthusiastically recommend Reiki Certificate with Dr. Moghazy" - Angel C.
    • "I have truly enjoyed my healing with Ezzat, he really cares and is very passionate about his profession. The process of discovery and change that has occurred throughout this process has been profound. Everyone has noticed the effects and it has been amazing reflecting on this journey. I would absolutely recommend Ezzat if you'd like to make a change in your life. Thank you! - T.A.
    • "I thank Dr. Moghazy from the bottom of my heart. I am really happy I found him" - F.S.
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