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How to Become Calm in 5 Minutes

5 Minute Self-Hypnosis This is a simple 5-minute exercise intended to give a sense of transformational calmness and relaxation. This exercise, when done properly, is equivalent to and has the same impact on the body as 5 hours of sleep. Needless to say, it is a powerful technique and a valuable tool to have in the arsenal. Note: Do not do this exercise while driving or operating heavy machinery. This is strictly a self-development exercise intended to educate and guide your journey to self-improvement. This is not medical advice. If you have any medical concerns, please contact your medical doctor immediately. The general goal of this exercise is to get in touch with your internal workings and in turn become more aware of your external environment. Please follow these directions – I start by counting myself down using the back of my mind to initiate the process, taking each step as slow as needed to accomplish the desired result. I understand there is no need to rush. 5) I am aware of my surroundings and environment. I am aware of and using all 5 senses. I smell the air, feel my surroundings, hear my environment, see the world around me and taste the inside of my mouth. 4) I do not feel my physical body position (sitting, standing, lying down), instead, I am completely relaxing every muscle one section of the body at a time. I start with my feet and systematically work my way to the top of my head. 3) I feel my breathing pattern and it gives me a sense of calm because it is rhythmic and syncopated (In and out, deep and slow, breathing using my stomach). 2) I feel my eyelids are getting heavy (I also feel my senses drowning out the world around me and slowly relaxing with the rest of my body). I have found my centre and it is a wonderful escape from everything I am engaged in outside of this special place. 1) My eyelids are closing because I want to fully relax and sink into the calm. I want to fully immerse myself and leave the outside world behind. 0) I am in deep sleep. I stay silent for 5 minutes; I do not talk or listen or do anything at all. Just 5 minutes of complete silence and a clear mind. When I am ready to come up, I start counting myself up. Coming up calmly, gently and slowly (still in a soothing, intentional breathing cycle: In and out, deep and slow, breathing using my stomach) 1) I am coming up slowly, calmly and gently (I am in no hurry and do not rush this step) 2) I allow myself to go back to deep sleep, as deep as I like, as deep as I want 3) I am bringing a calmness up as I start to come back, knowing I will use  that calm to carry me forward through the day after this exercise 4) I take a deep breath and release 5) I open my eyes, wide awake and feeling great Final take You can repeat this exercise as many times as you’d like during the day. Share it with the world, because when you share it shows you care. Always stay awesome and amazing. 

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