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What Happens in My Trance? 3 Important Facts You Need To Learn

I am a Professional listener and in the initial assessment I build with my clients the foundation of their treatment plan after we discover the roots of their concerns, It is one-hour visit.

I also apply several Hypno-Diagnostic tools for example the "NLP", "Suggestibility Test" and “Handwriting Analysis “. Then, we do the first session "Induction Technique" "Ericsonian Hypnotherapy" "Kappasanian Hypnotherapy".

In the following sessions if need it, I work with my clients step by step towards achieving their preset-up goals. At the end of the treatment program we accomplish the 100% success rate. My clients follow up with me on a weekly basis and I am always available for them either on the phone or by email 24/7.

Conclusion: 3 Facts about my practice 1) Assessment 2) Treatment 3) Follow - Up.

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