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Intimacy and the Relationships

The first time two people engage in sex will determine the quality of sex for the term of the relationship and the level of intimacy in a relationship. Initiating sex – the physical initiates sex more often than the emotional. The emotional female is easier to get into bed than the physical because she doesn’t want to create a confrontation by saying “no”. Unlike the physical, the emotional can separate love from sex. They have two very different reasons for going to bed together and both usually fail to communicate in this area. The physical is comfortable with physical expression. The Physical female is comfortable removing her clothes. The emotional female wants to be undressed.

Both male and female physicals prefer the dominant sexual position and feel the stimulation throughout their body. Male and female emotional prefer the submissive position and focuses the stimulation on the genitals.

The physical will reach orgasm quicker than the emotional because their body temperature is naturally higher than the emotional. The physical can also handle harsher touch than the emotional. The emotional needs slow “warming-up” and a gentler approach.

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