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Can Hypnosis Help Me To Sleep?

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Over the history of humanity, sleep has always been a concern. In fact, in old Egypt they have created a special chamber for it. They have called it "A Sleeping Chamber", and that was the beginning of Hypnotherapy as we know it now.

With that said, let's talk about the hypnosis efficacy with sleep. Several medical researchers have been published exploring the importance of hypnosis in a better sleep. For example, Journal of clinical sleep medicine, stated in its publication on 2017 under title of Hypnosis Intervention Effects on Sleep Outcomes: A Systematic Review - "Hypnosis has gained recognition as an effective therapy for managing pain and for relieving cancer treatment side effects and stress-related disorders. However, the evidence highlighting specific benefits of hypnosis for sleep problems is scarce”.

In another study published in 2018 by Department of Psychiatry, University of Hong Kong with a bigger title "Hypnotherapy for insomnia" showed that hypnotherapy can be effective with the leading problems of sleep issues, but not much in the sleep itself. The same publication suggested that more research and studies in the efficacy of hypnosis on sleep is recommended.

My input into this is very simple, “sleep is a natural process and it has to be treated that way”.

I would love to hear your input also and your feedback into this very much important topic for all of us.

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Ezzat Moghazy

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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