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VA Hospital Hires Clinical Hypnotherapists

This is an important milestone because the VA has never hired a Certified Hypnotherapist before

To reduce or even eliminate chronic pain, military personnel at one East Coast VA hospital can now receive both individual sessions and participate in group settings where they are taught a unique form of self-hypnosis, autosuggestion and healing imagery, found in the Integral Hypnotherapy system. Generally speaking, when those who have suffered with pain experience these methods, not only does their body feel better, but also their mood improves, as does their quality of life.

While improvement of quality of life is a side benefit, it can have an even more important impact. Research has shown (PubMed 2010 Dec.) that there is a clear link between severe pain and depression and even suicide. A shocking and very sad report shows that as many as 22 veterans commit suicide daily.

While there are many factors, both known and unknown that contribute to this, in June of 2013, Steven A. King, MD wrote in Psychiatric Times that “Patients may be so frustrated that they are willing to take potentially lethal doses to relieve their pain….” He goes on to say that “Opioids have sedative effects and can impair thought processes, so individuals who overdose may not be clear about why they overdosed.” If chronic pain is one of the contributing factors, it is our hope that Integral Hypnotherapy being used by the VA can make a difference.

One of the service women receiving hypnotherapy sessions from our graduate at the VA, came up to the hypnotherapist after a group session, with tears of gratitude. Amazed that she was feeling so much better, she said, “I’ve been in pain for so many years. I don’t understand why nobody told me before, that I could do this [use my mind to be pain free].” She, as well as the others receiving hypnotherapy, had already been doing everything they knew, to try to feel better. But now, with the simple addition of hypnotherapy, they are in awe at how quickly their lives have changed.


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