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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH) in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PT

Published by HeartMath Institute:

Moghazy, E. (2019). Department of Integrative Medicine, Quantum University, USA


PTSD symptoms could lead to a significant burden on the united states economy, estimated $635 billion per year. This study revealed that; there was a significant increase in the HRV coherence scores over all between prior QMH implementation and after QMH entanglement, from 34 to 41, with t-test (0.032). Associated with a remarkable decrease in the participants’ symptoms. In addition, it was clear that aging is associated with HRV measurement declined, in the older group age between 59 and 73 the coherence has decreased from 34 to 43 as an indication of increased the mortality. The most significant results here was the general coherence between the heart and the brain. As Dr. McCraty introduced the term physiological coherence to describe the degree of order, harmony, and stability in varies rhythmic activities, had increased radically from 34 to 41, with t-test (0.032), In summary, QMH had a positive instantaneous impact on increasing HRV and improving the PTSD symptoms including pain and stress. It is then, recommended that, in order for the full potential healing to take place the quantum entanglement has to be present. Keywords Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, quantum medicine, Integrative Medicine, PTSD, HRV, HeartMath HRV measurement, QMH

For full paper or more information: Dr Ezzat Moghazy at

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