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Quantum Medical Hypnosis Book

Quantum Medical Hypnosis book is going to SHAKE the hypnology and quantum medical science on how our unconscious brain works. This is not your normal hypnosis book; this is an evolutionary way of addressing stress. Find the answers presented in these pages. By reading this book you will discover:

1. How your subconscious mind influences everything in your life- Life-changing approaches to the future of medicine

2. How hypnosis can access and influence the parts of your mind that you cannot access consciously

3. How to reprogram your mind, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a proven modality

4. 17 easy-to-practice self-hypnosis techniques I’ve developed you can use to gain more clarity, control, and success in life

5. What is Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH) and How Quantum Medical Hypnosis helped Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers overcome years of stress and “stuckness” and move on with their lives- A new Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (tapping), a technique to replace wrong meanings (I’m a loser, I feel guilty, or I’m ashamed) with right ones (I forgive myself, I did my part, and so on)

6. How to regulate and control emotions by accessing the unconscious mind, the core center of memories, feelings, and emotions, and induce instant calmness and relaxation throughout the body

7. Diminish stress by slowing down the brain’s frequency to Theta or even Delta states (the deepest hypnotic state possible, the creative mind)

8. Rewire your brain enabling you to breathe through stressful memories and thoughts

9. Control pain levels, the healing of the 5-human body dimensions

10. Replace negative thoughts with positive emotions and inoculate yourself against future negativity-related illness and achieve more health, energy, and motivation

A wonderful review from one of the patients who read Quantum Medical Hypnosis Book "I have been working w Dr. Moghazy for over a year and he has helped me overcome my anxiety associated w Lyme disease. Hypnosis works and this book is a great tool to enhance my understandings. Thank you for writing this little gem!!

This book is also available in an audio format on the major online audiobook stores

Dr. Ezzat Moghazy

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