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In our day-to-day life, we are busy consciously thinking of the next thing we must do, how to do the thing that we’re doing, and a thousand other random thoughts every hour, some of which seem to have no apparent reason for popping into our head. Our mind has been created to ensure our survival by constantly monitoring our outer (and inner) environment and determining whether something is a threat and if we need to either make a quick escape or stand and fight. It also perceives how to successfully perform tasks, use tools, and so on by something called “mirror neurons.” For instance, we now know that just by watching, say, a batter swing and hit a baseball, neurons in our brain fire off as if we had done this ourselves. Obviously, these are very useful skills and one of the reasons that the human race has succeeded in dominating the entire planet. In navigating our environment, we are ceaselessly comparing one thing to another, turning this way or that, reaching out to grasp something or not, speaking up or not, comparing ourselves to others, and vice versa. Our conscious minds are marvelous, a great gift with which we can create, analyze, make plans carry out innumerable acts.

However, science has known for some time now that we use a mere fraction of our brain to carry out all these tasks. The vast majority of the brain’s functions lie beneath our conscious awareness not only carrying out all the functions of the parasympathetic nervous system—such as regulating our heartbeat, breathing, hormonal and immune systems, and more—but also storing the memory of everything that has happened to us. And, yes, I do mean everything, even from our time in the womb before being born. All the various traumas, physical or emotional, still exist below the surface of our awareness, stored in the vault of our unconscious like a script of a movie we saw in the past.

The good news is that we can change the scripts as if we’re recoding our inner computer, but we can’t do this from the surface or conscious/critical mind. We must find a way that allows us to dive deeper into our unconscious mind where the healing work can begin.


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