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What are the benefits of this 4 WEEKS workshop?

Experience of pure being and pure awareness
xperience of unity with ultimate reality
Feeling that you experienced eternity or infinity
Experience of the insight that "all is ONE"
Awareness of life or living presence in all things
Gain insightful knowledge experienced at an intuitive level
Experience of oneness in relation to an "inner world" within
Freedom from the limitations of your personal self
A full sensory experience (Mystical)
Talk to your loved ones (died or absent) - Quantum Communication
Learn the power of manifestation
Reaching your infinite energy - go all the way to the quantum field
Something good that is going to happen at the last second you hold back or stopped it, why?
Are you experiencing fear of breaking through?
Do you want financial freedom?
Experience the Quantum leap phenomenon and access your true reality
Illusionment time: Albert Einstein once wrote: People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. Time, in other words, he said, is an illusion. Many physicists since have shared this view, that true reality is timeless.

What can you do about the "Anxiety, Sleep, Confidence, AND many more" approach ...
You are about to access the most powerful part of your mind

W1: How to Access Your Own Unconscious Mind
W2: 4 Techniques For Building Confidence
W3: The Power of Silence
W4: The Power of Manifestation 
In addition to 4 QMH hypnotherapy Sessions with me including PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY

  • Learn the 3 most powerful words to boost your confidence instantly

  • How to Dehypnotize, Stabilize and Immune Yourself  - my 4-step process for taking any situation and easily turning it into energy to boost your day.

  • Build a safety vest against any negativity “SDT” Technique

  • How to stay strong “ST” Technique 

  • The 4 techniques for the long-lasting effect of complete confidence

  • Master the Art of Silence...

  • Unleash Your Own Unconscious Mind...

  • 4 Techniques for building confidence ...

  • Learn the power of manifestation and start attracting more money, love, health, and anything you want and desire...

  • Many, many, and many more ...

Dr. Ezzat Moghazy.jpeg

Dr. Ezzat Moghazy,
Founder & CEO

"Please join me for an enlightening and joyful exploration of the power of your unconscious mind. And remember, everything you need to be healthy, free, and successful is already inside of you."

Green Leaves

“What People Say”

“Best investment I have ever made in myself. He is able to rewire your subconscious with the precision of a scalpel” – Ron D.

“Ezzat has helped me shine a light in dark spaces and brought back my power and my joy” - Sherry O.

“I am so AMAZED!! I was absolutely a skeptic going into hypnosis and have been so pleased with my results” - Lori B

When Are We Starting

As a Doctor and Hypnotherapist who has been working in this field for many years,
Dr. Moghazy will present

4 weeks Zoom LIVE workshop 

starting on

Learn How To Rewire Your Unconscious Mind
IN Just 4 Weeks

This will only be available for a limited time 

In this workshop, we will cover

How to Hack Your Own Unconscious Mind

The Power of Silence

4 Techniques For Building Confidence

The Power of Manifestation 

Are You Ready For Your Life To Be Transformed?

Take A Closer Look

What You'll Learn

In 4 weeks of one-on-one training with me

Get transformed





In your 1st week you will learn:


The most essential ingredient you MUST learn before you ever start

Build a safety vest against any negativity “SDT” Technique

The most powerful self-immunity technique “ACR” Technique

How  to stay strong “ST” Technique

In your 2nd week you will learn:


 3 most powerful words to boost your confidence instantly

How to create a state of mind to calm, clear, and confidence

How to anchor your fears, anxiety, and worries with this ONE technique

The 4 techniques for the long-lasting effect of complete confidence

In your 3rd week you will learn:


Silence can be golden when you are stressed and anxious

The power of the "SSR" technique in controlling the fight in the mind

How and when to use the ART technique?

In your 4th week you will learn:

How to remember your future

What do you need to do to access your golden mind

Learn the power of manifestation and start attracting more money, love, health, and anything you want and desire



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