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    I have a deep respect for the Native Americans and their knowledge of health and healing. I have felt privileged to learn some of these tools. It is also my great privilege to teach some of them. Doris Kruse and Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madronna and others have been great teachers and role models for me. Having had great teachers and role models, it is my desire to pass on what I have learned.


    This Course Includes

    1. The workbook manual.

    2. Total 4 hours certficate.

    3. The lineage with Dr. Moghazy, and who discovered Reiki. 

    4. Follow up.


    Bonus: In addition to the one-on-one workshop, you will recieve a personal Cherokee Body Work session with Dr. Moghazy value of $350.


    In this course, you’ll learn:

    • In Level I of the Native American course you will learn
    1. The Medicine Wheel, and directions
    2. The Story Telling Medicine.


    Chapter 1 The Medicine Wheel, and directions

    1- Direction of The East

    2- Direction of The South

    3- Direction of The West

    4- Direction of The North


    Chapter 2 The Story Telling Medicine

    1- The Story of The East

    2- The Story of The South

    3- The Story of The West

    4- The Story of The North


    Who should attend this course?

    • This course provides education of the native american medicine healing techniques and training for health care professionals working in any clinical or nonclinical setting facilities including but not limited to hospitals, maternity, mental health, rehabilitation, managed care, home-bound or disabled, assisted living, palliative, and hospice.
    • In addition, these natural healing tools is a great reference for anyone has passion about natural healing modalities and techniques and is welling learn more about the native american medicine and the cherokee body work. 
    • This course will give you an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in the native american medicine practice. Also, you will learn the self-healing methods and techniques for yourself well-being and natural healing.


    Prerequisite: No requirements. This teaches you everything from scratch


    Student Feedback: "I most appreciated the education around the detachment and the importance of honoring this process. Thank you for the belief in me and helping me to instill this in myself" - C. C.

    Who is this course for: For those of you who love to learn about the native american medicine and the cherokee body work, this course is for you. 

    Course Duration: 4 Hours (On-One-On / in-person or online attendance)


    Native American Medicine

    • A Lakota prophecy tells of a day when Westerners will join Native wisdom-keepers to create a new, integrated vision of healing. Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona believes that day has arrived.


      Join me in this beautiful healing journey and let’s honoring the Native American Medicine and the Cherokee Body Work. 

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