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The Importance of Becoming Certified in Quantum Medical Hypnosis

Dive into the limitless potential of your mind with Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH) – where healing meets the extraordinary. Unlock the power within!
Dive into the limitless potential of your mind with Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH) – where healing meets the extraordinary. Unlock the power within!

I have four important questions for you…

Would you like to upgrade or add to your healing practice a new technique?

Would you like access to up to 250 hours of supervised hypnosis practice with me directly?

Would you like a clinical internship where My Best Healer provides you pro bono clients and up to 4 hours a week of clinical supervision?

And last but not least, would you want to receive an access to ten of the marvelous QMH audio recordings?

Is your answer “Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes”? If so, I invite you to attend this special QMH certification training.

So, what is QMH?

Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH) certification is going to SHAKE the hypnology and quantum medical science on how our unconscious brain works. This is not your normal hypnosis training; this is an evolutionary way of addressing stress, anxiety and many more.

What Kimah MaCarty (QMH graduate) said about Quantum Medical Hypnosis training?

"Learning Quantum Medical Hypnosis, and sharing it with others during months of lock down, deepened my appreciation for stillness. From a place of being present with the unseen aspects of our intuitive self, one literally can “see forever.” Eternal and infinite by nature, our soul knows what we need to be healthy and happy as humans.

What are the benefits of attending the QMH training?

1) You will receive a paperback signed copy of QMH book (775 pages - ISBN-13: 979-8567807521 - $250 value

2) Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Device - $500 value

3) You will receive an access to ten of the marvelous QMH audio recordings - $500 value Quantum Medical Hypnosis Audio recordings are a great way to master the craft and the skills of hypnology science.

4) Eight weeks in-person or distance learning with Dr. Moghazy

5) 250 hours of practicum with your clients/volunteers with Dr. Moghazy's supervision you will become a Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH) practitioner.

6) QMH Certification

7) You will receive a QMH treatment as part of your class from the founder Dr. Moghazy $250/session value.

Why then do we not immerse ourselves in soulful peace and quietude? The answer is we get “stuck” in habit and routine instead of awakening anew each morning with a fresh perspective. QMH is a very effective tool for cleaning out the subconscious guck that keeps us stuck. The easy to employ assessment tools and unlimited applications make QMH a wonderful healing modality - Kimah Said.

The Code of Coherency simplifies our life experiences into a Traffic Light model. We have either been stopped, yielded, or given the GO light based on the degree of coherency presented.

How we navigate the highways of our lives will depend on how well we maintain coherency during stressful situations. When our feelings and thoughts, aka, hearts and minds, operate in synchronistic harmony, the GO light stays lit. When challenges arise that we are not prepared for the YIELD light creates hesitation and accompanying anxiety. When traumatic experiences overwhelm us the STOP light can keep us stuck at an intersection for way too long.

Getting “unstuck” can require professional help. As a long time Stress Reduction Therapist by trade, I have utilized many methods. Because every situation is unique, I like to come prepared for anything!! After realizing the effectiveness of QMH, and how simple it is to employ, I’ve relaxed my hyper vigilance. People really are their own best healers when given the chance. QMH facilitates that opportunity to heal ourselves.

Student Learning Outcomes By attending this training, you will discover: 1. How your un-conscious mind influences everything in your life. QMH is a life-changing approaches to the future of medicine 2. How Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH) can access and influence the parts of your mind that you cannot access consciously 3. How to reprogram your mind, using a proven modality (Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to measure your stress level throughout Quantum Medical Hypnosis approach 4. 17 easy-to-practice self-hypnosis techniques I’ve developed you can use to gain more clarity, control, and success in life 5. What is Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH) and How Quantum Medical Hypnosis helped Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers overcome years of stress and “stuckness” and move on with their lives - A new Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (tapping), a technique to replace wrong meanings (I’m a loser, I feel guilty, or I’m ashamed) with right ones (I forgive myself, I did my part, I am lovable, I am enough and so on) 6. How to regulate and control emotions by accessing the unconscious mind, the core center of memories, feelings, and emotions, and induce instant calmness and relaxation throughout the body 7. Diminish stress by slowing down the brain’s frequency to Theta or even Delta states (the deepest hypnotic state possible, the creative mind) 8. Rewire your brain enabling you to breathe through stressful memories and thoughts 9. Control pain levels, the healing of the 5-human body dimensions 10. Replace negative thoughts with positive emotions and inoculate yourself against future negativity-related illness and achieve more health, energy, and motivation 11. What is Quantum entanglement as related to PTSD? 12. As a QMH practitioner you will receive a QMH treatment as part of your class from the founder Dr. Moghazy

A wonderful review from one of the patients who read Quantum Medical Hypnosis Book

"I have been working w Dr. Moghazy for over a year and he has helped me overcome my anxiety associated w Lyme disease. Hypnosis works and this book is a great tool to enhance my understandings. Thank you for writing this little gem!! Highly recommended!!!"

You will meet the objectives listed above through a combination of the following activities in this course: Your objectives will be met through participation and completing the 250 hours of practicum. * Attend the 2 hours training every week for the consecutive 8 weeks * Complete the 250 hours practicum * Participate in the weekly training

Topic Outline/Schedule

Week 01: 1. Observation:

We will talk about the importance of becoming an observer and the tools that can be utilized to achieve that goal. Here is a list of the tools that we will address:

o NLP Utilization

o Auditory

o Olfactory

o Flavor

o Vision

o Tactile/Kinesthetic

o Body Language (Hand shacks, Walking, Sitting)

o Eyes Movement

o Visual

o Auditory

o Kinesthetic

o SUDs


Week 02: Handwriting Analysis:

o For every person’s behavior an unconscious mind pre-sense-memory needs to be discovered. As if you are unleashing the code of the individual before you even start their treatment procedure. Handwriting analysis is a powerful tool to discover the unconscious mind code.

Week 03: Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

o Part of the unconscious behavior is the autonomic nervous system (ANS) physiological changes, in which is going to play a big role in QMH techniques. Through this week we will learn together the significance of your Vagus nerve and the ultimate connection with humans’ behaviors.

Week 04: Suggestibility Test (P. or E.)

o As a QMH practitioner is essential to assess and evaluate your client’s learning abilities. Suggestibility test is your way through the individual’s unconscious mind. This week focus will be on the unconscious mind’s language.

Week 05: QMH Induction

o By week 5 you are ready to learn QMH induction techniques, in which will blow your mind away. These techniques are precisely designed to help you access the unconscious mind of your clients so you can help them have the keys to their own mind.

o Eyes Fascination Technique

o Distraction Technique (the ability to focus: Counting 50-0, questioning technique, voice pacing and leading technique)

o Ideo-Motor Technique

o Heavy-Light Technique

o Hot-cold Technique

o Arm Raising Technique

o Finger Spreading Technique

o Hand Touch Technique

Week 06: QMH Treatment

o Utilization

o Auditory

o Olfactory

o Flavor

o Vision

o Tactile/Kinesthetic

o P.R.E.

o Guided Imagery (Metaphor)

o Voice Tune

o Double bind: drink water & squeeze finger with smile

o Association / Repetition

o Reframing

Week 07: QMH Homework (the 17 QMH Techniques)

o QMH 1: Self-Dehypnotization Technique (SDT)

o QMH 2: 5-Minutes Self-Hypnosis Technique (5MST)

o QMH 3: Detach from Your Negative Thoughts (DNT)

o QMH 4: Venting Machine Technique (VMT)

o QMH 5: Deep Breathing Technique (DBT)

o QMH 6: Stabilization Technique (ST)

o QMH 7: Mother’s Touch Technique (MTT)

o QMH 8: Rational Reservoir (RR)

o QMH 9: Anchoring Techniques (AT)

o QMH 10: Inoculation Therapy (IT)

o QMH 11: Neuro-Vascular Releasing Technique (NRT)

o QMH 12: Mind’s Food Technique (MFT)

o QMH 13: Shake your Anger Away (SAA)

o QMH 14: Mood Regulator Technique (MRT)

o QMH 15: Prediction Technique (PT)

o QMH 16: Arm Rigidity Technique (ART)

o QMH 17: Stop-Slow-Retain (SSR Technique)

Week 08: QMH Follow up

o HRV progress

o Behaviors Change


o SUDs


o Mood

o Continuation

o How to use the new positive results towards your future

How to start?

Ready to get started? Click the link below and transform your life:

Quantum Medical Hypnosis Manual: 8 Steps to Hypnotize Anyone

About the author:

QMH: Your mind's extraordinary journey to healing and transformation
QMH: Your mind's extraordinary journey to healing and transformation

Dr. Moghazy Is an exceptionally qualified Doctor and passionate Hypnotherapist who enjoys working one-on-one with people in beautiful Colorado in person and online. He takes pride in the difference he has made in so many lives.

Using scientifically proven techniques, they will aim to discover the root of the problem and create a long-lasting, effective change. No matter what issues you’re facing, get ready to free yourself from the negative, subconscious blocks that are holding you back.

Connecting with me will give you knowledge, tools, and support!

Best wishes,

Dr. Ezzat Moghazy

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