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How to Heal Yourself Naturally

The Science of Self-Healing

Have you ever wondered how your body heals? I didn’t know either until this happened...
I was just 5 years old when I broke my leg on the first day of school. As a child, I had no clue what was going on, but the waiting was awful. For days at a time I experienced sharp pain shooting down in my leg, and I wondered if my leg was ever going to heal.
When you’re a child, six months in a hospital waiting for your leg to heal feels like six years. Healing, my friends, is a long, slow, and boring process. However I learned early in life we heal through time, not with time. What I mean is through life experiences we create a deeper sense of how to heal faster.

I studied my body and the interesting process of how my own body healed, and I found that, in fact, healing is a very slow process in which you hardly notice or observe any changes.
In time, of course, my leg healed, but my mind had not. One day years later I suddenly felt severe pain and numbness in my leg that hindered my movement for a minute or so. It went away but began happening more often as if my brain was trying to say something to me. I listened carefully with all of my beings and this is what I heard, “Your body has healed, but your mind has not.”

So, I decided to do something extraordinary based on an ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice called “Ho’oponopono.” I said out loud to my mind, “I forgive you. I accept you. I love you. Please forgive me, accept me, and love me.” Something magical happened—the severe pain in my leg disappeared! I was able to stand and walk freely one more time in a matter of seconds. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe what is happening to me. So, I decided to study this phenomenon and understand how my body heals.
For the last 25 years, I have learned everything I could about the healing phenomena. It became my life’s passion. I became a doctor in integrative medicine, and a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in the unconscious quantum mind. I have created new revolutionary techniques to access the unconscious mind and help others heal faster and more effectively, not only from the outside but also from the roots of their pain, traumas, and inner struggles. I named it “Quantum Medical Hypnosis.”

What have I learned?

All healing is self-healing. Therefore, the healing has to be initiated by the self. This means you have to start the process of healing from within. For example, let’s say you have stomach pain. First, warm your hands up by rubbing them together. Then put your hands on the area that hurts the most. Third, say out loud with intention, “I forgive you my stomach. I accept you my stomach. I love you my stomach. Please forgive me, accept me, love me.” Repeat this process several times until you feel a sense of comfort and a deep sensation of relaxation. Don’t give up on your stomach too early and don’t rush it. Just practice, practice, practice, and give yourself time to respond. You will experience miracles.

Practice Self-Hypnosis

For a limited time, this audio hypnosis recording is free to you, just to say thank you for being a rock star and for your support. Download self-hypnosis audio for pain. Want to share the love? Forward this to a friend so they can get in on the action.

38 minutes of audio hypnosis about chronic pain. The mind is capable of adapting and coping with pain. However, when the pain is exceeding the capacity of your brain, your ability to cope is becoming very hard.

Now, it is very easy to blame others for my own choices and my own pain. But honestly, that is not going to make you feel better or heal faster or become "human". Accepting yourself for what it is rather than what you want it to become or what you are hoping to become is the secret of self-healing.

When your nervous system is overwhelmed, it is harder to regulate emotions. This means that minor stresses begin to feel like major problems, or every molehill begins to feel like a mountain. It is impossible to hold opposing thoughts or feelings at the same moment. Therefore, if you are in a relaxed state and feeling gratitude for the many wonderful things and people in your life, fear and stress simply vanish. The same if you vividly recall a moment in your life in which you felt wonderful, supported, and happy. When you do this, you’re creating or strengthening neural pathways in the brain that, with repeated practice, can banish feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety. Remember and be grateful for the things you have, like a roof over your head, electricity, the internet, TV, books to read, and friends and family you can reach out to. Truthfully, we are rather spoiled, and we are not in the habit of delaying gratification. Let’s get over that and practice impulse control, at least for the near future.

"Your dreams deserve more than just a small chance at seeing the light of day." - Tony Robbins

In his publication of March 2020, he mentioned that A Colorado-based hypnotherapist, Ezzat Moghazy, asserts that those who are alone for long periods of time can experience feelings of anxiety or depression. Admittedly, I have experienced some of my own so far and have had to do self-soothing and practice my own advice of getting centered and grounded. I suggest that you think of this as a time not as “social distancing,” as it’s being called, but rather “physical distancing.” We may be stuck in the house, but there are so many ways for us to reach out and connect with others, and doing so helps us regain perspective on our connectedness.

Download your free quick guide now

I am here to help you understand what kind of transformation is possible, with over 20 years of experience and knowledge in natural medicine and hypnology science I know you can breakthrough. Let's see what is possible, I will do my best to share with you informative and evidence-based knowledge that may inspire you to move forward with courage and excitement.

When you overwork your brain it becomes overwhelmed and can’t take more information and it shuts down the result is stress, anxiety, and headache and it becomes difficult for your brain to solve any problems at all.

If this sounds familiar, then keep reading because this article is for you. Therefore we have to go inside your brain and reset the software and restart everything, and that is "Hypnosis".

Hypnosis is our brain's natural way to rest, relax, and rejuvenate so it can bounce back strong and absorb more information. In the last 20+ years, I have been studying the human brain and its functionality, what has surprised me the most is that not many studies have been conducted on "Where are the unconscious mind?" or "What is the quantum mind?".

By now the gate of change is opened from inside and your unconscious mind is ready to transform your life. As a result, you will be in a position to immediately focus, with great clarity, on the best solutions that will help you quickly reach your goals and dreams.

About the author:

Dr. Moghazy is a passionate doctor and hypnotherapist who enjoys teaching:
1- Quantum Medical Hypnosis™
2- Native American Medicine
3- Reiki Natural Healing
4- Handwriting Analysis
5- Past Life Regression Therapy
Using cutting-edge technology (Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback) to measure and empower your unconscious mind. The aim of his practice is to discover the root of your concern and create a long-lasting, effective change.

Dr. Moghazy's Published Books and Innovations:
1- Quantum Medical Hypnosis ™ (QMH) - 8 Steps to Hypnotize Anyone
2- "LUCIDITY" - The Code of Coherence™ (COC)
3- The Red Book - "Reiki I, II, III"
4- Acknowledge Compassion Release (ACR) Technique™
5- 10 Strategies to Get Rid of Anxiety™
6- 5 Minute Self-Hypnosis™

Get ready to free yourself from the negative, old, and outdated habits and
mental blocks. And start the life you desire now with Dr. Moghazy, The founder
of My Best Healer, America’s Best Integrative Medicine.

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